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Basic engraver´s pack

Let us introduce a brand new Basic Engraver´s Pack!




In close cooperation with Pavlína Čambalová and given an impulse from her summer class students in Corning Museum of Glass we have released a set of 5 engraving wheels:


Lapi Orange – achieving refining of surface after diamond;


Lapi Blue XTT – achieving finer relief after diamond and highlighting texture;


MH T (+ pumice) – removing tiny scratches, fine polishing after copper wheels;


A24M – polishing cuts and parts of the engraving to achieve brilliant shine, after stone or copper wheel;


MH TT (+ CeO) – similar use to A24M, but the wheel is more flexible.


The price for the pack is Eur 23,-.



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Kurt Melander
19.06.2019 21:02