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  • The tools are made of polyurethane foam
  • The tools are cooled with water (no added abrasive necessary)
  • The tools minimize cracking layer in worked glass thereby polishing is easier
  • The tools are suitable for lathes (vertical way) as well as for flat machines (horizontal way)
  • The tools are easily profiled

We offer 2 types of POLI Tools. The difference is in selected polishing powder.

BROWN – the tool contains polishing powder (cerium oxide) in high concentration.

WHITE the best polishing powder (Cerox 1650) is incorporated inside the tool.

POLI Tools are manufactured in the following two grades of hardness:

  • T (Soft) – the tools are suitable for hand working of glass on lathes
  • SP (Hard) – the tools are suitable for automatic and flat machines


Recommended working conditions: 8-11 m/s (POLI T)           20-32 m/s (POLI SP)

Dimensions with Prices:

  • 100x20 - € 49.00
  • 200x30 - € 158.90
  • 300x35 - € 221.10

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