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MTV Tools are manufactured from specially treated PUR foam similar to the foam used in MH Tools. However, the MTV material has increased strength, rigidity and hardness. The tools are filled with fibres which considerably improve the tools’ polishing capacity. This type of tool was developed for the polishing and repairs of TV screens.

MTV Tools are prepared for use in automatic and semi-automatic machines with polishing slurry -above all cerium oxide, as well as for use in manual polishing and repairs. With these tools it is possible to obtain the highest possible (optical) quality of the polished glass surface.

MTV Tools show a very long life in the automatic regime and, compared to the up-till-now used felt wheels, they are much cheaper. One of the tools’ indisputable advantages is the very low amount of residues left from the tool in the polishing slurry which would, e.g. when using felt wheels, cause choking of the machine and result in frequent breakdowns.

Recommended working conditions:

  • Manual operation     350-460 r.p.m.
  • Automatic regime    600-770 r.p.m. → for diameter 500 mm

Highest number of revolutions: 1300 r.p.m. → for diameter 500 mm

Dimensions with prices:

Diameter Thickness Price
100 mm 20 mm € 16.70
200 mm 30 mm € 54.10
300 mm 35 mm € 75.30
500 mm 35 mm € 152.30



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