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  • The tools are made of polyurethane foam
  • The tools are cooled with water (no added abrasive necessary)
  • The tools minimize cracking layer in worked glass thereby polishing is easier
  • The tools are suitable for lathes (vertical way) as well as for flat machines (horizontal way)
  • The tools are easily profiled

We produce 6 types of LAPI Tools. The difference is in the grit of incorporated abrasives. Lapi Pink has the greatest material removal effect and creates the roughest surface on glass, whereas Lapi Blue has the smallest material removal effect and creates the finest surface on glass.

PINK is suitable for removing seams after moulding, for rough working within radii of various dimensions, etc.

VIOLET has the same use as Pink, however, it creates a finer surface with a slightly lower removal effect on glass than the Pink wheel.

ORANGE is suitable for various kinds of manual repairs prior and following chemical polishing as well as for fining before mechanical polishing.

GREEN is suitable for fine cutting after rough LAPI. The tool creates surfaces which can be polished mechanically.

BLACK can directly polish concave surfaces, wedge cuts, etc. It is well suited for manual repairs of sodium-potassium crystal.

BLUE achieves final surface quality comparable to surfaces after processing with the finest pumice. In many cases this tool can be used for the final polishing.



LAPI Tools are manufactured in the following two grades of hardness:

  • T (Soft) – the tools are suitable for hand working of glass on lathes
  • SP (Hard) – the tools are suitable for automatic and flat machines

Dimensions with prices:

Diameter Thickness Imperial units Price
100 mm 20 mm 4"x0.8" € 18
100 mm 30 mm 4"x1.2" € 19.80
150 mm 30 mm 6"x1.2" € 27.90
200 mm 30 mm 8"x1.2" € 58.30
300 mm 30 mm 12"x1.2" € 77.50
300 mm 35 mm 12"x1.4" € 81.10
400 mm 35 mm 16"x1.4" € 112.50
500 mm 35 mm 20"x1.4" € 164



Recommended working conditions: 8-11 m/s (LAPI T)        20-32 m/s (LAPI SP)

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