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Emfimastic PU 50 is one-component polyurethane sealant with a short curing time.

Emfimastic PU 50 has very good adhesion on nearly all common materials. In reaction with air humidity creates solid and elastic substance with great mechanical endurance and water resistance.

Even without undercoat Emfimastic PU 50 guarantees very good adhesion on most materials, like concrete, wood, metal (varnished as well), aluminium, glass etc. This product is intended to fastening and sealing of most materials in industry.

Technical data:

colour: white, grey, brown, black

density: 1,15 black, 1,18 others

hardness (Shore A): 45 according to ISO 868 (3 sec.)

thermal resistance: - 40 až + 90 oC

extension when broken: >600 % (ISO 8339)

module: 0,6 MPa (ISO 8339) creating a surface crust (23 oC,50%R.V.): cca 60min

consistence: thixotropic

resistance to acids and alkalis : moderate

dripping: none (according to ISO 7390)

-/- to solvents and hydrocarbonates: moderate

overcoating: good

application temperature: 5 – 35 oC

resistance to UV radiation: good

curing speed: 4 mm/24 h in 23 oC and 65% r.v.

water resistance: great shape memory: more than 90 %

Application: Fastened surfaces must be clean, free of dust, grease, rust, hydrophobicizing means etc. In need of degreasing we recommend cleaner EMFI 683 or MEK, acetone or EMFI degreasing means Sapocol GR1001. Before fastening the solvents used must be left fully vented and before using their compactibility with the material is to be checked. Metal parts should be abraded and cleaned with the above-said solvents. For roughing, we recommend bonding surfaces again cleaned and solvents leave completely vented. In case of need use primer. Emfimastic PU 50 is to be applied with manual or pneumatic gun in temperature +5 až 35 oC. When applied in low temperature warm the wrap to min 20 °C. After sealant is applied, it is possible to modify the surface with a damp jointing tool, respectively to push sealant deeper into the joint. Do not apply on silicon sealant. During curing, avoid contact with alcohols and solvents.

Shelf life: 12 months in original closed packaging in temepratur +5 až +25 oC.

Packaging: 600 ml


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