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CZ Tool is slightly porous polyurethane carrier.

  • High quality of worked surface.
  • Especially suitable for top quality polishing of glass, ceramic, quartz, monocrystals and metals.
  • CZ Tools can be used for plain, spherical and aspherical optics.
  • Great strength in high speed, high pressure applications.

Recommended polishing agents: all traditional polishing slurries can be used, such as oxides of cerium, iron, aluminum, chromium, silica gel (Tosil 20) or diamond powder.

Gluing: we recommend chlorinated rubber glues (Chemopren, Pattex) or various thermoplastic glues. it is possible to use double-sided Scotch tape.

Hardness: 30 - 35 ShD

Thickness: 3.4 mm


  • Ø 300 mm - € 12.50
  • Ø 400 mm - € 20.10
  • Ø 500 mm - € 31.30


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