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AB Tool is fine fiber carrier impregnated with thermoplastic polyurethane.

  • Good surface stock removal
  • Low price
  • Replacement of traditional materials (pitch, barex, cork, etc.)
  • Higher polishing productivity
  • Suitable especially for polishing of plain surfaces of optical glass, monocrystals and special elements

Recommended working temperature: 30 - 40 °C

Recommended polishing agents: all traditional polishing slurries can be used, such as oxides of cerium, iron, aluminum, chromium, silica gel (Tosil 20), etc.

Gluing: Proper type of glue is necessary, for example PU Max. Avoid the glues with organic solvent otherwise it can destroy polyurethane foam. The temperature of gluing can’t be higher than 80 °C.

Hardness: 40 - 45 ShD

Sizes with prices:

Diameter Thickness Price
300 mm 3.6 mm € 12.10
400 mm 3.6 mm € 19.30
500 mm 3.6 mm € 30.20






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