LK Tool



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LK tool is made of polyurethane foam filled with cerium oxide. The purpose of the tool is similar to ATP tool but LK better keeps working area flatness. The tool consists of 4 segments, which create ring with dimensions 500x30 mm with centre bore of 200 mm.

  • The tool is cooled only with water
  • LK tool is suitable for automatic lines polishing of lead and lead-free crystal
  • The tool maintains outstanding working area flatness
  • Suitable starting conditions - after BK tool, fine natural stone, diamond tool D39

Adhesion: When sticking the tool onto the metal support, a two-part epoxy resin adhesive (such as ARALDITE) or polyurethane glue Emfimastic PU 50 should be used.

Price: € 482.60 for dimension 500x30/200 mm

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