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B85 Tool



Product no.: 1093
Centre bore:
our price without Tax : € 142.80
our price including Tax (21 %):
€ 172.79

into the basket:

The tool is intended for grinding of chatons and other gems, bonded on a board. The putty on the working surface doesn´t decrease the grinding ability of the tool. Especially suitable in combination with ATP tools. May be used for hand grinding. 

Recommended working conditions:

Revolutions:    190 - 240 r.p.m.

Pressure: 20 - 40 kg·cm-2

Cooling: Water

Adhesion: When sticking the tool onto the metal support, a two-part epoxy resin adhesive (such as ARALDITE) or a polyurethane glue Emfimastic PU 50 should be used.

Diameter Thickness Centre bore Price
500 mm 60 mm 160, 200 mm € 142,80

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