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ATP is a polishing tool material for machines carrying out automatic polishing, which can also be applied in manual polishing of lead and lead-free crystal, especially in the costume jewellery industry. ATP Tools are cooled only with water. The tools are used for horizontal polishing of chandelier pendants, the so called faceting, polishing of cut figurines, etc. The ATP Tool type with a narrow annular ring configuration enables very good manual polishing of chandelier pendants. This tool type makes it possible to maintain tool working area flatness for a very long time.

This tool material is prepared from a polishing powder (CeO2) and a polyurethane binder in order to provide optimum conditions for polishing, i.e. for variable polishing under relatively low specific pressures. The high removal ability of ATP Tools enables polishing immediately after using a BK Tool, or after using diamond tools with a grit of 20-30 microns (M25 according FEPA, D20A, D20B according to Winter, 30 according to US Standard), and/or after processing with fine natural stone.

Recommended working conditions:

  • 1000-1400 r.p.m. → for diameter 150 mm
  • 500-700 r.p.m. → for diameter 295 mm

Highest number of revolutions: 2500 r.p.m. → for Ø 150 mm


For gluing onto a flat polishing machine, a two-part epoxy adhesive can be used. Upon gluing the tool onto a flat polishing machine, we recommend that the tool be maintained damp at all times.

Cooling water:

Cooling water must not contain any grease, oils, etc. In order to achieve optimum conditions for polishing, we recommend cooling the tool with cooling water at temperature of about 35 0C.

Dimensions with prices:

Diameter Thickness Centre bore Price
150 mm 20 mm 42 mm € 51.20
295 mm 20 mm 20 mm € 178,20
498 mm 40 mm 170-200 mm € 462.70
598 mm 30 mm 30 mm € 564.20

Upon prior arrangement, ATP Tools can be supplied in various shapes and dimensions to meet customer requirements.

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